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2005 - Inaugural Year

  • This is the starting point. Spring 2005
  • The ground has been disced three times.: The rows are laid out 10 feet apart and the first row is staked for the grape vines - 7 feet apart.
  • The vines were soaked in water overnight
  • Having the right tool for the right job can be a huge asset.
  • Measuring and marking the rows for plants and posts.
  • A good start. Seems like a long way to go for a glass of wine...
  • The Utter kids, Jeff, Josh, and Lauren work on end posts and bracing.
  • Bob and Jeff: We used a 12 inch auger for the grape vine holes. This dug a nice sized hole that we made plenty deep to loosen up the soil and promote root growth.
  • The second day we dug 8 inch diameter holes for the posts. The posts are native locust - untreated: Lauren, Sarah, Linda, and Jeff
  • Rows: After building the H-braces and stretching the cordon wire, Sarah and Linda placed stakes, grow tubes, and tied the stakes to the wire.
  • The completed planting and trellis. Finished - for a little while.
  • They grew!
  • They continued to flourish, surprising us with their growth in the dry summer.
  • Uh oh. Something likes the grape leaves.
  • Here are the culprits. Japanese beetles.
  • Traps: We immediately set out Japanese beetle traps, which caught beetles by the quart, but didn't seem to help the infestation in the vineyard. After further research we discovered that you need to place the traps farther away from the vineyard, as they attract the beetles to them. After a strategic redeployment of traps the problem was much more under control.
  • Who ya gonna call? Jeff, the Beetle-Buster.
  • The vigorous growth caused us to re-think our trellising plans.
  • We added a new Geneva Double Curtain (GDC) trellising system.: By the end of the season the plants were growing up and over the new trellises
  • October 2005, the end of our first year.
  • January brought some snow.
  • Scary. We have our fingers crossed, waiting for spring.


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