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2010 - Sixth Year

  • In spring of 2010 we committed to remodeling part of our pole building into a winery building
  • We started gathering paperwork for our permits and clearing out space for building
  • Everything had to be moved out so we could re-shape the space
  • First we had to cut a notch in the existing concrete for a floor drain
  • It's a lot of work to make a nice clean notch in solid concrete
  • As the construction continued, the vineyard continued to grow. Veraison at the end of July
  • A freak storm with high winds blew through in late July and flattened a couple of rows of whites
  • Very unhappy viticulturist
  • Jeff & Sarah hurried down to help us prop up and reinforce/replace the trellising
  • The line posts were mangled and had to be replaced, but thankfully the vines survived unscathed
  • Meanwhile back at the on the well and sewage treatment system begins
  • Septic tank in place
  • We poured a new floor over the old one, enabling us to build a slope down to the center drain
  • Smoothing out the new floor
  • As the construction continued, the grapes kept growing
  • Walls were framed, the winery is taking shape
  • Outside one of our new varieties, Petite Pearl is growing strong
  • Until the deer developed a voracious appetite for Petite Pearl
  • We owe so much to our friends who have helped us with harvest since the first one in '07
  • An upgrade to a larger, hydraulic press is a big time and energy saver
  • Squish power!


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